About us

We envision Greece as a role model of economic and civil liberty that enables its citizens to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

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Our mission

The mission of KEFiM is to increase individual and economic freedoms of Greeks through the promotion of liberal ideas and policy proposals.

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Our values

We believe in the principles of classical liberalism and the ideas of a free economy and an open society under the rule of law.

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A Think Tank

In the tradition of F.A. Hayek and Anthony Fisher, we believe that the most important factor for change is the climate of ideas in our country. Therefore, through our work we will strive to increase the demand for ideas that promote individual freedom and free markets in Greece.


International Partnerships

KEFiM is member of the Atlas Network (USA) and the European Liberal Forum (Belbium). We partner with a lot of international organizations with alike mission, among which are the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany), the Cato Institute (USA), the Foundation for Economic Education (USA) and the Institute of Economic Affairs (UK).