Yannis S. Kalantzakis

Yannis S. Kalantzakis
Data Protection Officer

Yiannis S. Kalantzakis is a health services entrepreneur, a GDPR
(General Data Protection Regulation) compliance specialist and quality certification / accreditation in home health and project management services in hospitalization and medical tourism. He is a Certified Data Protection Officer (cDPO).

Since 2017 he is engaged in medical tourism projects, DPOaaS and GDPR quality and compliance consulting. Today he holds the position of Data Protection Officer in 8 companies in total: 4 healthcare providers, one non-profit organization (KEFiM) and 3 hotel business groups. He has participated in 15 GDPR compliance projects.

He has participated in scientific conferences and workshops, has published scientific papers in Greece and abroad and writes about health and personal data protection (GDPR) on a daily site.

She studied Biology at the University of Athens and has been trained in financial management, mergers and acquisitions at INSEAD. He speaks fluent English and German.