The Next Step For Liberty With KEFiM

The Next Step For Liberty With KEFiM

After years of inactivity, Greek liberals believe that now is the time to act and set forth a policy agenda to reverse the never ending cycle of crises in their country. Their goal is to make a convincing case to the Greek public that the future of Greece needs to be based on three pillars; free enterprise, the rule of law, and individual freedom.

After eight years of an unprecedented economic crisis, we all realized that public and political debate lacked an independent, evidence based, and non-partisan voice that could offer realistic policy alternatives to the constantly increasing tax hikes, indiscriminate spending cuts, and the sudden erosion of civil liberties. This is the role that KEFiM wishes to fulfill as it proudly stands on the shoulders of intellectual giants who fought for these same reasons in the past.

In the first months of KEFiM’s relaunch we have been encouraged by the response of the public. From being featured in mainstream media to raising 60% of our budget from Greek individuals who support our work, we are constantly encouraged that in the end KEFiM will be able to affect positive change in the country.

To succeed in this difficult task, we need the help and support of people like you, who share our vision of a prosperous Greece and believe in the power of ideas.

It is with honor, as a KEFiM board member, and a great sense of responsibility that I ask you to support this organization and the incredibly important mission it has adopted.

For Liberty,

Alexander Skouras
Board of Directors