‘The Morality of Capitalism’ in Greek

‘The Morality of Capitalism’ in Greek

The Morality of Capitalism

Author: Tom Palmer

ISBN: 978-618-80925-2-5

KEFiM publications

Price: 15,00€ (+shipping)

After the very successfull publication of the ‘Little Storybook of Liberalism’, Liberty Forum of Greece undertook the editing and publishing the Greek Translation of ‘The Morality of Capitalism’.

This essay collection edited by Tom Palmer of Cato and the Atlas Network is a clear and unashamedly defence and praise of capitalism not only as an effective system but also as a moral system.

The book launch took place at a special event on 16 October 2013 with a special guest and keynote speaker Mr Dan Grossman Vice President of the Atlas Network. With him on the panel were, Athanasios Grammenos from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom who co-sponsored the publication, Alexander Skouras from Atlas Network, Charis Peitsinis, from the Students for Liberty, George Archontas who edited on behalf of KEFIM the book and Makis Spyratos from the Liberty Forum of Greece.