The Future of European Tax Competition Essay Prize

The Future of European Tax Competition Essay Prize

EPICENTER – our international independent network of nine leading think tanks from across Europe, that seeks to inform the EU policy debate and promote the principles of a free society by bringing together the economic expertise of its members – has announced a Europe-wide essay competition with a grand prize of 3000 euros. EPICENTER is looking for new, innovative ideas on how tax regimes across Europe can become more competitive and driven by key liberal values of efficiency, neutrality, and fairness.

The essay competition is open to all interested parties. Participants should answer one of the following questions:

Question 1: What post-pandemic tax reforms should be implemented in the EU and across member states to encourage economic growth?


Question 2: What are the building blocks of a successful tax policy that could be adopted by European countries? Explain what taxes should be determined on an EU level and why?

The competition is open until the 18th December and interested participants are encouraged to register here. The details of the competition are available on EPICENTER’s website and any queries will be address by info@epicenternetwork.eu.

ℹ️  EPICENTER is formed by the Centre for Political Studies (Denmark),Civil Development Forum (Poland)Civismo (Spain), the Institut Economique Molinari (France), the Institute of Economic Affairs (UK), Instituto Bruno Leoni (Italy), KEFiM (Greece), the Lithuanian Free Market Institute and Timbro (Sweden).