The four pillars of KEFiM

The 4 strategy pillars of KEFiM

Each KEFiM action aims at strengthening the individual and economic freedom of the Greeks through the promotion of liberal ideas and policy proposals. To achieve this aim, our strategic plan for 2018 is based on the following four pillars:

Influence Policy Making

Should a think tank had one single role, this would be the formulation of policy proposals. This need is even greater in today’s Greece, as during the Memoranda period the reformist movement’s inability to present a comprehensive and costly alternative plan for the future of the country has emerged. KEFiM launched a series of activities in 2017 to fill this gap.

Protecting Civil Liberties

In 2017 our country ranked 88th in the Press Freedom Index and 39th in the Quality Index of the Rule of Law. That is why we devote a large part of our actions to issues concerning social and political rights, which we consider of great importance, preferring, in the famous Thomas Jefferson’s quote to be exposed to the inconveniences resulting from too much liberty, oppose to those resulting from the lack of it.

Promoting Economic Literacy

The crisis of the past years has forced every Greek citizen to deal with issues unfamiliar to most people up until recently, such as bond spreads, debt sustainability and budget deficits. Proven lack of the ability to evaluate what really happened in Greece has created a fertile ground for disseminating populism and conspiracy theories that undermine the European perspective of our country and our liberal democracy. Having that in mind, we took a series of initiatives aiming to educate Greeks about finance and economics.

Building the Liberty Movement

Supporting the emerging liberal movement in Greece is a responsibility and a challenge for us. We recognize that more and more fellow citizens today declare themselves as liberals by embracing the ideas, principles and values of liberty and demanding for specific policies to be adopted in order for this liberty to be spread to every aspect of public life. Therefore, we are convinced that in the next few years the liberal movement will flourish anew.