The alternative of Metternich | Aristides Hatzis

The alternative of Metternich | Aristides Hatzis

Aristides Hatzis’s article titled “The alternative of Metternich” published on 02.08.2020 in Kathimerini newspaper. The article explores Klemens von Metternich’s – German prince and Austrian diplomat (1809-1848) – involvement in Greek Independence War.

Aristides Hatzis is a Professor of Philosophy of Law & Theory of Institutions at the University of Athens, and Director of Research at KEFiM. He studied law, economics, philosophy, and history and he received his doctorate degree from the University of Chicago.

This article was published as part of our educational program ‘’Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution’’ collaboration, and is the sixth in a series of articles on the Revolution of 1821.

Read the article in Greek here.