Tax Freedom Day 2019

Tax Freedom Day 2019

Constantinos Saravakos

Tax Freedom Day is the first day of the year when Greeks have the opportunity to choose themselves which way they are going to spend their income. For 2019, KEFiM estimates that Tax Freedom Day was the 30th of June. Greeks work 180 out of 365 days of the year for the state.

Key Findings:

·         According to the 2019 Νational Βudget tax collection projections, Tax Freedom Day in Greece was the 30th of June. Greeks work 180 out of 365 days of the year for the state.

·         In 2019 Greeks worked 73 days to pay the indirect taxes, 46 days to pay direct taxes and 61 days to pay social contributions.

·         The total tax burden (78 billion, 2019) is almost double the amount Greek households spend to cover their basic needs (42 billion, 2017).

·         Each year since 2009 Greeks work on average an additional 3.5 days to pay their taxes.

·         According to Molinari Economic Institute Greece’s Tax Liberation Day is the 4th worse among the EU countries while Greeks are the least satisfied citizens among the OECD countries regarding the public services they receive compared to the taxes they pay.

The Center for Liberal Studies (KEFiM) held a press conference on 29 July 2019 at Amalia Hotel, Athens, to present the Tax Freedom Day research for 2019.

The research was introduced by KEFiM’s Research Analyst Constantinos Saravakos, and featured commentary by Minister for Development and Investments, Vice-President of New Democracy party Adonis Georgiadis, Deputy Minister of Fiscal Policy Thodoros Skylakakis and Public Administration Expert, member of Movement for Change (political alliance) Panayiotis Karkatsoulis.

Moderator: Journalist Panagiotis Davlos

Video of the Press Conference here.

Photos of the Press Conference here.

Download the research here in Greek.