July 23rd, 2017 - Tax Freedom Day: Greeks work for the state 203 days per year.

Greek citizens work on average 203 days just to pay their taxes to the State, according to the research about Tax Freedom Day (TFD) 2017. KEFiM presented this research during a Press Conference held at Titania Hotel in Athens.
The speakers of the event were:
Adonis Georgiades, Vice Chairman of New Democracy party and Member of the Greek Parliament, Miranda Xafa, Member of the Academic Board of KEFiM - Economic Analyst, Prodromos Pirros, KEFiM’s Scientific Associate - Author of the Research, Nikos Rompapas, KEFiM’s Executive Director

This paper answers the question “until which day of the year does the average Greek taxpayer works to pay his taxes?” The full study for the period between 2007-2014 is available at our website.

This proposal was introduced in early 2016. It aims to set the legal foundations for a Special Economic Zone in Greece.

A translation of an important study that deconstructs the myth of Swedish social democracy as the main cause for Sweden’s prosperity.