Press Conference Announcement: Tax Freedom Day 2019

Press Conference Announcement: Tax Freedom Day 2019

The Center for Liberal Studies (KEFiM) will hold a press conference on 29 July 2019 at Amalia Hotel, Athens, to present our Tax Freedom Day research for 2019.

The research will be introduced by KEFiM’s Research Analyst Constantinos Saravakos, and will feature commentary by Minister for Development and Investments, Vice-President of New Democracy party Adonis Georgiadis, Deputy Minister of Fiscal Policy Thodoros Skylakakis and Public Administration Expert, member of Movement for Change (political alliance) Panayiotis Karkatsoulis.

Moderator: Journalist Panagiotis Davlos

This invitation is addressed to media representatives. A press release will be publicly issued at the end of the conference. Also a short version of the research will be available in English.

The conference will be streamed from KEFiM’s Facebook page.

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