Posidonia 2018 – The Power of Free Entrepreneurship

Posidonia 2018 – The Power of Free Entrepreneurship

The Posidonia 2018 exhibition, the established two-year institution that promotes shipping, its dynamics and challenges, was completed today.

Even in the midst of the crisis, Greek-owned shipping continues to grow and drive global developments – thanks to the fact that it has managed to escape the stifling state embrace that has prevented other promising sectors in our country from capitalizing on their potential.

Greek shipping’s iconic success offers a valuable lesson: it demonstrates the enormous potential for growth, creation and progress that we have, as long as we are completely liberated from the bonds of state interference.

KEFiM wishes the Greek naval family to have good seas and dedicates to them LearnLiberty.gr’s interesting video regarding the invention that brought billions of people out of poverty, making mankind’s life better – an invention that land lovers rarely think about.