Podcast “Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution” II

Podcast “Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution” II

KEFiM invites you to the second podcast of the series “Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution” which will take place on Wednesday, December 16 2020 at 19:00. Aristides Hatzis hosts the Associate Professor of History and Culture of Europe and Greece of Modern Times at Department of Theatrical Studies of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Anna Karakatsouli.

The podcasts series examine the liberal and democratic dimension of Greek Revolution of 1821 and is organized on the occasion of the completion of the 200 years of the Greek War of Independence, in the framework of KEFiM’s program “Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution”.

In these series, the Director of Research of KEFiM, Aristidis Hatzis, Professor of Philosophy of Law & Theory of Institutions at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens University and member of the Committee “Greece 2021” discusses every month about the Greek Revolution with leading historians.

The podcasts are one hour long and open to the public. You can watch Wednesday’s talk live via Zoom (in Greek):

Podcasts are live streamed on KEFiM’s Facebook & YouTube pages.

The series program is announced monthly on KEFiM’s website www.kefim.org.

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