Podcast “Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution” I

Podcast “Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution” I

On the occasion of the completion of 200 years of the Greek War of Independence, and in the framework of KEFiM’s program “Bicentennial of the Liberal Revolution”, KEFiM announces today the series of podcasts on the liberal and democratic dimension of Greek Revolution of 1821.

In this series, the Director of Research of KEFiM, Aristidis Hatzis, Professor of Philosophy of Law & Theory of Institutions at Professor of Philosophy of Law & Theory of Institutions at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and member of the Committee “Greece 2021” discusses every month about the Greek Revolution with leading historians.

The series of 12 podcasts starts on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 19:30 with the first guest being the Professor of History of Modern Hellenism at the Department of History & Archeology of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Mrs. Maria Efthimiou.

Registrations are closed.

However, you can watch the first podcast here (in Greek):

Our aim is to highlight in this series, the unknown to general public dimensions of the Greek Revolution with emphasis on the democratic and liberal dimension of the Constitutions but also the overall institutional framework introduced during the period 1821-1832, in the modern elements, in the construction of the revolutionary but also of the independent state, in the political dimensions of internal conflicts, in the role of the press, in foreign policy and the diplomatic dimension, fiscal policy, even in military facts and in personalities who are not widely known.

We hope that the body of episodes / podcasts will help those who watch them to get a much more complete picture of the many dimensions of the Revolution than they already have.

The series program is announced monthly on KEFiM’s website www.kefim.org.

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