Michalis Galiatsatos

Michalis Galiatsatos

Michalis Galiatsatos was born in 1966 in Piraeus.

He is the owner of CARGO360 PC, operating in the Supply Chain area, specialized in International Transit, Customs Brokerage, Port Consultancy Services, Logistics, and Customs Warehouse Management.

He is the co-owner of OCEAN MEDIA PC, a publishing, training and conference organization company in Ports and Supply Chain Services field.

Ηe is a member of EEL, ILME, SYNDDEL&L and other organizations.

Michalis is also a speaker at conferences, meetings and partner of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in postgraduate programs for Logistics and Transport.

He regularly writes in print and on-line newspapers in the field of Shipping and Transportation. He is also a radio producer at www.amagi.gr