Message from the Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director

“It has been less than three years since we decided to reorganize KEFIM and just 26 months after we started implementing our plans. What we have achieved goes far beyond what I personally thought was feasible when we draw up our first business plan.

Who would have imagined that in such a short period of time a liberal think tank in Greece could have done everything you have read about on the previous pages? Certainly not me. This course makes me a bit more optimistic about how things will turn out in our country. And this is despite the serious evidence to the contrary: After ten years of crisis, all of us here in Greece feel tired and disappointed. No one seems to believe that things can change for the better – at least not on their own. Even foreign people are tired of playing the role of evil and they prefer to pretend that everything runs smoothly. But as William Silent said, “you do not have to hope to start, nor do you need to succeed to persevere.” Indeed, we can make the immediate future of our country much better than we believe, as long as we remember that our fate is not in the hands of others or of gods but in our own. God helps those who help themselves, as our ancient ancestors said. We at KEFIM, since its foundation, have made these two sayings, our action guides. We started in 2011 when there was no hope for liberalism in Greece, we insisted when the results still did not meet our expectations, we learned from our mistakes, reorganized, tried more, worked more efficiently, continued to improve and set higher and higher goals . That is why today I can ask for your support – to continue to give the battle of ideas to make our homeland a model of economic and social freedom that will enable its citizens to create and pursue their dreams and ambitions. And I can do this without hesitation, since we have proved that we can overcome even our dreams. ”

Nicos Rompapas
Executive Director