KEFiM on the front page of “TA NEA”

KEFiM on the front page of “TA NEA”

The front-page of newspaper “Ta Nea” (26/10/2018) featured KEFiM’s article: “We pay a lot for what we receive as a return from the state” as part of the newspaper’s special section about how the taxes we pay in Greece are being spent.

Presenting and analyzing the current fiscal policy KEFiM underlines three important issues. Firstly, according to KEFiM’s research for the “Tax Freedom Day”, the average Greek citizen, worked in 2018 198 days only to pay his obligations to the state. Secondly, there is no access to data on public expenditure. Lastly, in terms of citizen satisfaction on central government services, according to OECD’s “Government at Glance 2017” report, Greece occupies the last position (35th out of 35 countries) on health and education and the 28th concerning the justice system.

This is why KEFiM continues to advocate for:

1. the reduction of the current tax burden,

2. the increase of data availability and usability on public expenditure,

3. and the drastic improvement of the government’s efficiency, so as to reduce the public services costs.

Read the full article (in greek), written by Alexander Skouras, here.