Inaugural Municipal Effectiveness Index

Inaugural Municipal Effectiveness Index

KEFiM presented its inaugural Municipal Effectiveness Index in a packed conference hall at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens last Sunday (Jan. 20). The presentation of the index was a central feature of this year’s Eurasian Money Show Athens.

Athanasios Tsiouras, the project leader for the index who also serves as the legal counsel of the Mayor of Athens, presented the main findings, the methodology, and the challenges we faced during this important study. Tsiouras pointed out during his talk that “the index measures municipal effectiveness based on fiscal discipline, transparency and accountability, and the quality of services rendered to taxpayers.”

The next panelist, Costas Bakoyiannis, who is the front runner for mayor of Athens and currently serves as Governor of Central Greece, stressed the need for a measured and data-driven approach in governance as well as the need for performance evaluation such as the index presented by KEFiM. “These two factors are prerequisites for improvement in the fields of transparency and accountability” he added.


Finally, Tasos Avrantinis, a board member of KEFiM and former Vice-Mayor of Athens, underlined the tripple deficit of fiscal autonomy, administrative and regulatory framework for local governments, and accountability that currently describes Greek municipalities.


The panel discussion as well as the engaging Q&A session was moderated by Andreas Zamboukas, a prominent journalist from the nationally circulated newspaper Fileleftheros.

KEFiM thanks all the researchers, panelists, and attendees as well as all the individuals and agencies that contributed data and advice on the Municipal Effectiveness Index. Our goal is to keep developing this tool in order to be able to demonstrate to taxpayers how their money is spent and for what kind of return in local governance.

The event was livestreamed via Facebook and you can find the event photos here.


You can also find the full study here.

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The Municipal Effectiveness Index was supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF).

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