Greece 2021 – Agenda for Freedom and Prosperity

Greece 2021 – Agenda for Freedom and Prosperity


In 2021, we will celebrate two hundred years since the declaration of the Greek Revolution. The liberal ideology of 1821 inspired the most progressive political documents of the time. With those ideas partially implemented in Greece, it is obvious that there is a big deviation between Greece’s first steps and today’s situation, where crisis highlighted the absence of liberal ideas.


In KEFiM we believe that the day for Greece to return to its liberal and democratic roots has come. It is time for our country to move forward.

The ongoing situation confirms that Greece needs a positive reform program, which will promote freedom in public life. Changing all that led us to the crisis will result into a new era of growth and prosperity. More and more Greeks with different ideological roots realize the deadlocks of statehood and ask for more personal and social freedom. A wide range of political forces is ready to listen without prejudices to certain proposals, aiming to positively change the country. Following the example of international organizations and think tanks, such as the Policy Handbook of the Cato Institute and the Mandate for Leadership of the Heritage Foundation, KEFiM is collaborating with distinguished academics, researchers and experts in promoting concrete political proposals based on certain metrics. KEFiM will prepare separated suggestions, as well as a complete presentation of the political reform in 2018.


On Tuesday the 5th of December, we presented the initiative “Greece 2021 – Greece 2021 – Agenda for Freedom and Prosperity”.


The initiative “Greece 2021 – Agenda for Freedom and Prosperity” sets a new vision for Greece. Greece should implement necessary reforms that will strengthen the prosperity and freedom in every sector of the public life including education, public administration, taxation and labor market.
At the same time, we aim at promoting the forgotten liberal roots of the new Greece and their timeliness through events, presentations and publications.


“Greece 2021 – Agenda for Freedom and Prosperity” is KEFiM’s most prominent project. We long to see Greeks living in prosperity again and our country serving as a beacon of freedom within the society of nations, just like the heroes of the declaration had envisioned, almost 200 years ago.