28 March, 2014: Free Market Road Show 2014 in Athens

21 Jun 2014

For two years running the Liberty Forum of Greece has been selected for the local partner for the Free Market Road Show organised by the Austrian Economic Centre.

In 2013 the FMRS took plave on 15 May 2013. Three panels of distinguished speakers, amongst them Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute, Steve Davies of the Institute of Economic Affairs, Mark Klugman, joined Stephanos Manos, Aristeidis Hatzis, Gregory Vallianatos and others to give a thumping praise of Free Markets and a Europe free of red tape.

In 2014 the FMRS stopped at Athens on 28 March 2014. With keynote speakers Hans Stein of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Gregory Farmakis and Gregory Vallianatos, the excellent panels discussed what is the future for the EU.

In 2014 we had the pleasure of hosting Dan Mitchell again but also Richard Rahn of the Cato Institute, and Chris Tulley, and Terry Anker from the Liberty Fund.