On Wednesday 28 February, Professor and member of KEFiM’s Academic Board, Aristides Chatzis presented his book entitled "Arguments of Freedom" at the Public Cafe on Syntagma square. The presenters of the book were Professor of Political Science Stathis Kalyvas, Vice President of the Supreme Court Katerina Sakellaropoulou, KEFIM’s President Alexander Skouras and Professor of Constitutional Law, Stavros Tsakyrakis.
KEFiM’s first event of the year 2018 was held in Athens at the yearly conference Athens Eurasian Money Show. The event addressed the opportunities and dangers of the Bitcoin market while four speakers from across the spectrum of the Greek cryptocurrency market presented their views on the topic. The issues discussed at the event were the advantages and disadvantages of a digital currency, the usefulness of bitcoin in contemporary markets and transactions, and finally the role of technology in the monetary system of cryptocurrencies.
The award ceremony of PROMETHEUS 2017 - the first awards for Freedom in Greece - were established by the Center for Liberal Studies - "Markos Dragoumis" (KEFiM) and took place on Thursday, December 7, at St. George Lycabettus in the presence of 120 prominent guests and award winners. The "Lifetime Achievement Award" was presented by KEFiM’s chairman Alexandros Skouras to Dr. Tom G. Palmer, the "Journalist of the Year" award, was given to Costas Stoupas by Pantelis P. Papadopoulos and Arkas was named "Artist of the Year".
On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 KEFiM presented the “2017 Index of Economic Freedom”, a research which was conducted in cooperation with The Heritage Foundation. The event was attended by more than 150 friends of the organization and attracted the attention of TV channels and the media. Alexander Skouras (president of KEFiM), professor George C. Bitros (Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at the Economic University of Athens) and James Robers (Research Fellow for Economic Freedom and Growth of Heritage Foundation) presented the study, which focuses on the three main sectors which need immediate reform.
Abortion. Family violence. Sexist stereotypes. Supplementary maternity services. Gay families. Gender mainstreaming. Quotas. The History of the Women's Movement. Conservatism. Legislation. Do all of the above fit into a single discussion?The event organized by KEFIM on 2.5.2017 lasted more than 2.5 hours and touched all of the above issues, engaging audience and speakers.
A Shipping Minister is looking for the only suitable typewriter in which he can print the special papyrus (!) required to complete a presidential decree.A university professor is trying to desperately explain to the administration that she cannot get 3 participation offers for the same international competition.A Ministry of Public Order & Citizen Protection defends the judge’s right choose whether to suspend one sentence.
The Liberty Forum of Greece in collaboration with the Students for Liberty - Greece organized an event for the future of Europe on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, in Polis Art Cafe at 6.30 in the afternoon.
Liberty Forum of Greece was honoured to be the only think tank in Greece to partner with the Centre of Policy Studies to broadcast and promote the 2014 Margaret Thatcher conference on Liberty on 18 June.
It was a great pleasure and honor to host Dr Yaron Brook Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, in Greece for two unique lectures in Athens and Thessaloniki.
For two years running the Liberty Forum of Greece has been selected for the local partner for the Free Market Road Show organised by the Austrian Economic Centre.
Liberty Forum of Greece and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, joined forces to spread the idea of subsidiarity to the Greek countryside.
On 3 December 2011, Liberal Library presented Malcolm Gladwell's book 'Outliers'.The book was presented by mr Alexandros Iliopoulos, at the Liberty Forum of Greece's offices at Panepistimiou 64, Athens.
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