Enriching the liberal library

Enriching the liberal library

KEFiM’s and Fileleftheros’ first publishing step was met with great success. The new edition of “The Morality of Capitalism” sold a total of 5,000 copies across Greece.

After this extremely successful first release, we continue enriching your liberal library and promoting liberal ideas in Greece with one more book. Find this Friday 03/22 as an add in Fileleftheros newspaper, the new edition of “Why Liberty?”, edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer, translated in greek.

“Why Liberty?” is a collection of essays concerning the importance of liberty, written by young people, mostly students and activists, in a way that is direct and understandable to each and everyone of us, regardless of our knowledge of liberal ideas and theories.

As Mark Pennington , Professor of Public Policy and Political Economy  at
King’s College London puts it, “Why Liberty?” is “An inspiring guide that will benefit both those new to libertarianism and those well versed in the tradition. Though we don’t realise it, libertarianism is the principle by which most people lead their daily lives. This book explains why we should apply that principle to our politics, as well.

This edition also includes an essay of a young greek political scientist, Prodromos Pyrros.

Enjoy your reading!

The editor of the book, Dr. Tom G. Palmer, is a strong supporter of liberalism in Greece and a member of KEFiM’s International Advisory Board.