Efi Stefopoulou

Efi Stefopoulou
Research Fellow

Efi Stefopoulou studied Physics but quickly switched from the laws of nature to the laws of the state: she holds a master’s degree in Management and is a graduate of the National School of Public Administration. She has worked on public reform projects abroad (Bosnia, Moldova, Armenia, Serbia). Representative of Greece in the OECD (Paris) on issues of good legislation. Lecturer on simplification of procedures & human resources management at the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht, the Netherlands) as well as at the Cyprus Academy of Public Administration.

She has many years of experience in co-financed projects, and was a member of the strategic planning unit for NSRF projects of the Ministry of Administrative Reconstruction and a member of the small group that negotiated with the European Commission & brought to Greece in 2007 the 1st operational program for Public Administration, with European funding: 505 million euros. She is the head of Public Administration in the political alliance Kinima Allagis (Movement for Change).