e-Masterclass: Combating poverty with freedom

e-Masterclass: Combating poverty with freedom

On Tuesday, January 26, at 19:00, KEFiM invites you to the first online Masterclass of 2021, to discuss the long-standing issue of poverty and how liberal institutions, policies and the free market contribute in combating poverty worldwide.

The Masterclass is held following the release in Greek of the book Poverty and Freedom, written by Matt Warner, President of Atlas Network (KEFiM and Phileleftheros).


Elena Panaritis |Institutional economist specializing in structural change, social entrepreneur, author.

Sotiris Georganas | Associate Professor of Economics at City University in London, member of the Academic Board of KEFiM.

The Masterclass will feature a commentary by the author of the book Poverty and Freedom and President of Atlas Network, Matt Warner.

The discussion will be moderated by the Head of educational programs and member of the Academic Board of KEFiM, George Archontas.

The event will be broadcasted live on the KEFiM’s Facebook page and on the KEFiM’s YouTube channel.

The book was published in June 2020, as part of a publication project between the Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM) and the greek newspaper Fileleftheros, in an effort to increase the greek’s public knowledge and understanding of liberalism and liberal ideas, through high quality publications and texts of timeless value.