Charalampos Papasotiriou

Charalampos Papasotiriou
Professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies

Charalampos Papasotiriou is a professor of International Relations and Strategic Studies at the International, European and Regional Studies Department of the Panteion University in Athens. He is also the President of the Greek Institute of International Relations (IDIS).

Papasotiriou graduated with honors from the University of Oxford (School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and received his PhD from Stanford University (Political Science Department)

Professor Papasotiriou has published many books some of which are:

America Since 1945: The American Moment (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005, second edition 2010), co-author with Paul Levine
Byzantine Strategy
American Political System and Foreign Policy
International Politics in the 21st century
China, From the Empire of the Sky till the rising power of the 21st Century