Tax Freedom Day counts numerous media hits

17 Jul 2017

KEFiM's research about Tax Freedom Day 2017 was conducted for the third consecutive year by our organization and it was presented during a special press conference on the 27th of June in Athens.

Its impressive results were featured in newscasts, TV shows, newspapers’ headlines and popular newsites.
“The Big Plunder” was the main title of the newspaper “TA NEA”, following the presentation of the research on 28th of July. On the same day “KATHIMERINI”, another popular newspaper, featured a relevant article under the title “203 days of work just for taxes”.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, leader of the main opposition paty “New Democracy”, submitted the research as part of his speech minutes in the Parliament. Additionally, Stavros Theodorakis, leader of Potami party, extensively commented the research’s results during his speech.

The main media hits included articles in protothema.grkathimerini.grtovima.greleytherostypos.grant1newsathina984grliberal.grstar.grbankingnews.grcnn.griefemerida.grinews and many more.

KEFiM’s Executive Director, Nikos Rompapas, Miranda Xafa, member of KEFiM’s Academic Board and Tasos Avrantinis, all appeared as guests in different TV shows in SKAI TV, while NEA TV prepared a special reportage about the research in Crete.

Likewise, various popular radio shows broadcasted the results of the research, while members from our team gave interviews in main radio stations, such as Parapolitika, Vima FM, Sky FM and Alpha FM.
The positive response about Tax Freedom Day, indicates how crucial the need for reform and greater economic liberty in this country is. This fact is also underlined by the increase in the number of people who publicly express similar opinions.

The warm support on behalf of the media and our fellow citizens towards our research, filled all of us at the Center of Liberal Studies with optimism; we are strongly committed to continue our research work and take further actions towards the promotion of economic freedom in Greece.


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