Our supporters in the spotlight: Nikos Vatopoulos

07 Apr 2017

 Nikos Vatopoulos has been a journalist in "Kathimerini" newspaper since 1988 and has been editing articles on a wide range of cultural subjects with a specialization in modern Athens and politics.

We asked Nikos why he chooses to support KEFiM and we deeply thank him for the following interview:

Nikos Vatopoulos talks about KEFiM

1. Why do you provide your time and support to KEFiM?

"I think KEFIM may act as a pool of liberal ideas for people with a vision for the country. My first contact had a somehow identifying character, but I was quickly convinced about the out coming positive results. Stegi - Marcos Dragoumis is also important, for it is crucial to have a building for the organization. I am aware that disseminate the ideas and lightening the spark of reaction to society require time - our time, however, encourages higher speeds.

My own professional experience from the private sector, taught me that the hegemony of the Left stereotyped ideas was so absolute, that even people who had grown in an environment of nothing but left were easily attracted and accepted these emotional clichés. The culture that cultivated the gap between the idea of ​​profit material and moral integrity was extremely powerful and developed guilt on those who deviated from the Left principles. Greece has delayed to organize the liberal speech. The role of KEFIM is important in defining the ideological principles of liberalism, seeking the prosperity of Greek society. I also consider KEFiM’s publications to be important, besides organizing events."

2. Describe us the expectations you have from KEFiM in the near future.

"I hope KEFiM gains more members and friends. There is a call for ideas, mobility and opening the agenda to international issues. It is important to create thematic sections on issues such as education, health, urban development, tourism, civic and public relations, artistic creation, environmental protection, science, transport and the media. Liberalism must have a say in every activity. I also expect creating a network of thinking people who will be able to achieve synergies as the only means of developing each sector."

3. How important do you think is the cooperation between the members of the Board and the Board?

"It is very important because it can act as a two-way duct. It is good for the Scientific Council to be enriched with new people from different areas of activity. Moreover, the cooperation between the Board of Directors and the Scientific Council can address issues of greater social outreach."

4. Would you decide to recommend other people to join us and if so, for what reasons?

"Clearly. Every organization is based on new members and as KEFiM acquires an increasingly clear and distinct identity, more members will join. But all this takes time. I think that KEFiM follows a gradual, reasonable escalation, yet I would welcome an even more dynamic presence even beyond the predictable limits of action. I would see a thematic round table involving people who are not self-defined liberals. This will speed up interaction, fermentation and diffusion. But, to be clearer, yes, raising KEFiM members is an important priority but also a prerequisite for greater development. "

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