Every activity of KEFiM is focused on increasing the individual and economic freedom of Greeks through the promotion of liberal ideas and policy proposals. In this regard, KEFiM’s programing for 2018 will be based on the following 4 pillars:
1) What is liberalism for you and what made you join the movement and set your career on it? To me, liberalism goes hand in hand with liberty. It is the liberty to live my life the way that I choose, as long as I am not harming other individuals; the liberty to pursue my dreams in an environment that is hospitable to such a pursuit; and the liberty to be part of an open society that is receptive of new ideas, and welcoming of all individuals--regardless of race, religious affiliation, gender, or sexual identification. As such, my liberty is…
KEFiM welcomes Pagona Stratoudakis at its International Advisory Board. As a strong member of the Greek Diaspora and a member of various Boards, Pagona brings with her rich experience in promoting Liberty in the U.S as well as her consultation on varopis issues concerning Liberty in Greece.  Who is Pagona:
KEFiM presented the results of the “Economic Freedom of the World: 2017 Annual Report” during a press conference, which was held on Friday the 29th of September.The presentation of the results went viral and produced numerous media hits. Daily, popular newspapers mentioned the results in their front-page covers, while prominent new sites and blogs reproduced relevant articles.
KEFiM's research about Tax Freedom Day 2017 was conducted for the third consecutive year by our organization and it was presented during a special press conference on the 27th of June in Athens.
 Nikos Vatopoulos has been a journalist in "Kathimerini" newspaper since 1988 and has been editing articles on a wide range of cultural subjects with a specialization in modern Athens and politics. We asked Nikos why he chooses to support KEFiM and we deeply thank him for the following interview:
Do all people understand the basic principles of economics? Can a story dispel a fallacy?Henry Hazlitt’s global best seller "ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON" is an introduction to the classical concepts of economic theory, first published in 1946 and more topical than ever.
Kostas Stoupas has been working for the past 30 years as a journalist. He began as a financial journalist in the early 90s, for the weekly economic newspaper Ependytis and experienced the real economy and entrepreneurship.
The event organized by KEFiM on the 7th of February, 2017, at the Stanley Hotel attracted more than 100 business executives, market traders and media people.
Within the context of Money Show, KEFiM organized the event: "The Greek tiger: a mythical creature or a feasible proposal?" on Monday 09/01/2017, at 7:00 pm, at the Hilton Hotel.
KEFiM - Markos Dragoumis and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom co-organized the event "Truths and Lies about Liberalism in Greece" on Monday, the 5th of December.  On the occasion of the “Little book of Greek Liberalism” publication, top speakers and numerous friends filled the main stage of the Bretagne theatre.
A "duel" with opinions, arguments and top speakers was held on Wednesday, November the 23th of 2016, by the Institute of Diplomacy and International Developments in cooperation with KEFiM - Markos Dragoumis on "Euroscepticism and Pro-Europeanism: Which road leads to Freedom?"