Anne Applebaum’s article on Greece and KEFiM in the Washington Post

Anne Applebaum’s article on Greece and KEFiM in the Washington Post

With her article in the Washington Post entitled “Greece offers a glimpse of life after populism”, the famous Pulitzer-prized historian, author and political columnist, Anne Applebaum, refers to Greece’s state nine years after the crisis outbreak and three years after the assumption of governance by the Syriza-ANEL coalition. She also refers to KEFiM’s contribution to dealing with populism, as well as the cultivation and spread of the ideals of freedom among Greeks. She even included in the article a link to KEFiM’s initiative “Greece 2021: Agenda for freedom and prosperity”.

Applebaum was in Greece a few days ago where she participated in two meetings organized by KEFiM, in which she conversed with representatives of the ideals of freedom in Greece. She wrote:

” But the failure of Syriza has also triggered the opposite reaction: a small but growing attempt to revive economic liberalism, for the first time in recent memory, and to celebrate liberal democracy as well. A decade ago, fashionable intellectuals were all left-wing in Greece, and most books on politics and economics were written by Marxists. Now, it’s possible to sit down in a cafe with young people who describe themselves not only as “economic liberals” but also as “neoliberals,” adopting a phrase that was used as a harsh insult only a few years ago.

There is more: A book called “Short Introduction to Liberalism,” by political scientist Aristides Chatzis, was a best seller in 2017. Publishers have produced new editions of Friedrich Hayek and John Stuart Mill. A little group of liberal think tanks is determined to thrive. In 2021 Greece will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its war for independence, and a host of institutions will commemorate it as the birth of modern liberal democracy in Greece.”

Anne Applebaum’s report to the authoritative Washington Post fills us with joy and reinforces our commitment to continue to contribute actively and effectively to the struggle for ideas of more freedom and prosperity for everyone in Greece.